About Us

Solo Waste Disposal is a community based, veteran owned valet waste service specializing in enhancing the living experience for the multifamily communities in the great state of Texas. We know our communities, we know our industry and we understand the market for our amenity.

Born in 2016, we strive to build strong, lasting partnerships with our clients and trash valets. Our employees are mission oriented, focused on serving our clients and love what they do. We are seeking opportunities for new relationships with property managers and property management corporations and with the possibility to give back to the communities we serve.

We offer doorstep and curbside collection throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We will provide you with customized pick up times - offering three or five collection days per week, including weekend and evening collection times - to meet the needs of your property. Click the button below to see our full service area map.

Complimentary Services

Waste Management Recommendations

We find that many communities have their dumpsters emptied too regularly. By monitoring our trash deposits into your dumpsters, Solo Waste can make operational suggestions to reduce cost to your community.

Pet Station Maintenance

We provide all of our apartment communities with biodegradable pet waste pickup bags at stations that are regularly checked, stocked and refilled. We empty pet waste bins and identify areas of high pet waste to eliminate maintenance teams time spent filling and servicing the stations.

Flyer Distribution

We are always willing to lend a hand to distribute monthly flyers to your resident’s doors. Maintenance shouldn’t have to waste valuable company time climbing stairs to distribute flyers when your valet trash provider is already doing it.

Breezeway Blowing

Twice a month we will blow out all of the community breezeways and hallways as a courtesy to our clients and to demonstrate our commitment to assist the community in maintaining its cleanliness standards.

Dumpster Push Out

Each night after collection, we will clean the dumpster area of any remaining trash bags and debris before we leave the property. This will greatly decrease the presence of unwanted vermin and odors.

Management Value

Solo Waste Disposal is an emerging leader in doorstep trash and recycling collection for the multifamily housing industry. Founded in Texas, we are familiar with the local, city and state government mandates that govern Texas multifamily apartment communities.

By building partnerships with our clients, we identify unique ways to help them manage their properties more efficiently. This helps us bring value not only to owners and management, but also to residents – providing them with a more hassle-free living experience.

We hire our personnel from within the very communities we serve, contributing to the growth and financial stability of our neighborhoods. We understand the market trends that can lead to growth and increased retention rates in your community and work closely with each of our clients to understand their unique needs and help them achieve their profitability and reach retention goals.

Resident Information

At Solo Waste Disposal we strive to make your multifamily housing experience a cleaner and greener one. Our services are unprecedented and will provide you and your community with the highest levels of service beyond expectations.

Our valets are all trained professionals dedicated to one purpose. To make sure your living experience is convenient beyond your expectations, we service our communities five days a week rain, sleet or snow. Our valets possess clean backgrounds, are uniformed and fully insured.

With our valet service you will never again find yourself hauling your garbage halfway across the apartment community only to find the compactor or dumpster full or overflowing nor will you have to endure the embarrassment of neighbors who routinely pile up garbage outside their front doors attracting flies and causing obnoxious smells throughout the breezeway areas.

Our services provide a cleaner and greener lifestyle with pickups scheduled five nights a week. Our recycling program offers you a convenient way to be environmentally responsible.


Apartment Association of Greater Dallas
Apartment Association of Tarrant County
National Apartment Association